Limited English Proficient Students

Limited English proficiency- Students who are limited in their English proficiency will be required to take an English proficiency test before an admission decision will be made.

Current Grade

Student must be able to read/communicate at least at

K & 1st

Willingness to try

2nd & 3rd

Kindergarten Level

4th & 5th grade

2nd grade level

6th - 7th grade

4th grade level

8th grade

5th grade level

9th grade

7th grade level

 In order to ensure academic excellence Oasis has a school-wide Limited English Proficiency quota. No more than 30% of any classroom can be LEP students.  The admissions committee will make admission decisions for students who have limited English proficiency depending on the level of LEP students in that specific class.  Since there are many good national schools on Batam, admission preference is given to students holding foreign passports.