Expected Student Outcomes

Learn Continually

ü  Is prepared for learning

ü  Realizes individual strengths and uniqueness

ü  Assesses needs and applies appropriate strategies to learn identified concepts and skills

ü  Values learning throughout life

ü  Is eager to explore new things

ü  Asks and answers questions to deepen understanding

ü  Uses failures as an opportunity to learn 

Think Creatively

ü  Solves different kinds of problems

ü  Identifies and asks significant questions

ü  Creates new and worthwhile ideas

ü  Acts on creative ideas to make a tangible and useful contribution

ü  Effectively analyzes and evaluates evidence, arguments, claims, and beliefs

ü  Synthesizes and makes connections

ü  Interprets information and draws conclusions 

Produce Excellently

ü  Creates intellectual, artistic, practical, and physical products

ü  Produces high quality products

ü  Follows directions both oral and written

ü  Meets written and spoken expectations


Choose Responsibly

ü  Comes to class prepared

ü  Pays attention and resists distractions

ü  Remembers and follows directions

ü  Gets to work right away rather than procrastinating

ü  Makes responsible decisions

ü  Makes decisions based on values and morals instead of whims and wants 

Collaborate Constructively
ü  Communicates clearly and effectively both orally and in writing

ü  Listens effectively in multiple formats and venues

ü  Exercises flexibility in reaching a common goal

ü  Demonstrates ability to work effectively and respectfully on diverse teams

ü  Assumes shared responsibility for collaborative work

ü  Values individual contributions made by each team member


Live Purposefully

ü  Contributes time, energy, and talents to improve the quality of life in our school, community, nation, and world

ü  Sets appropriate goals and plans for reaching goals

ü  Formulates positive personal values and morals


Act Respectfully

ü  Treats others and their belongings with respect at all times

ü  Appreciates individual differences of others

ü  Develops appropriate skills for personal and social relationships

ü  Submits to those in authority in the school, the family, and the community

ü  Shows compassion and kindness toward people of varied cultures, ethnicities, and religions


Work Diligently

ü  Finishes whatever he or she begins

ü  Tries very hard even after experiencing failure

ü  Works independently with focus

ü  Works through frustrations and setback