Teach at BIIS

We are looking for teachers to join our educational team who are passionate about their role in the classroom and about being a living example of character to those whom they come in contact. The character and academic development of our students is of utmost importance and we employ qualified individuals who share this vision.

Our teachers are very dedicated and sincerely desire to teach students in accordance with our  values and  the Expected Student Outcomes.

Hiring Process
We are a proud member school of Oasis International Schools. After you have explored information about Oasis at www.oasisis.org and if you would like to proceed with the application process, you can apply online.

You will not be contacted by BIIS until the application is approved by Oasis and forwarded to our school. Should you want your profile to be viewed by BIIS and not another Oasis school, please be certain to clearly denote “Batam” in the application.

Local applicants please contact the school at batamadmin@oasisbatam.org to apply for position.